HELLO! I am Chloe Varelidi and it looks like you have successfully reached my portfolio site. Well if you are so inclined please take a seat and let me tell you a bit more about myself. As you might have already noticed my work includes playful instances of games, events and products. You can check my skills in progress over at my badges page but here is a little bit about my work experience as it has developed throughout the years.

I currently work at Mozilla as a Game Projects Lead and have wrangled a bunch of initiatives since I joined in 2012; like the playful OpenBadges Discover product, the #Teachtheweb Community badges, the Hackable Games Lab and Open Games community including the Game On competition, and Mozilla Festival games’ track and of course helping launch our flagship Webmaker platform designing content with partners like Tumblr, Codecademy and my personal favorite, The London Zoo. It is not always straightforward what my work at Mozilla entails (which *can* be a good thing) so if you want you can watch me explain a little bit more about some of the projects I have been involved with over the years here

Aside from working at Mozilla I also do a bunch of other things; I am a resident artist at Eyebeam working on Minica.de, I also make my own games and wrangle the Plaython festival in Greece as well as The Yellow Thread Society, in New York.

Plaython is an annual street games festival that I co-founded in 2011 which transforms the city of Athens into a giant playground. The festival is run by a vibrant community brought together by inescapable fate, a common sense of humor, and a broken economy. This year, rumors have it that we took Plaython to the Greek islands (terrible idea, i know!). 

The Yellow Thread Society, which I co-founded in 2014 with Ida Benedetto, is New York’s first (almost) monthly get-together featuring women in games. The idea spurred out of a session around sexism in the game industry that me and Ida co-hosted at the Different Games conference last year and our goal is to knit together a diverse, adventurous and inclusive game community were women don’t need to shout to be heard. 

Before joining Mozilla I was the Creative Director of the game design studio MissionLab within the innovative school Quest to Learn, and a Senior Game Designer at the Institute of Play in New York, which I joined as a founding staff in 2007. During my four incredible years at the Institute of Play I was part of the team who started the Quest To Learn school where I made over thirty digital and analog games, some of them showcased at places ranging from the cover of the New York Times Magazine, to PBS Frontline (featuring a cameo appearance by yours truly) and the World Science Festival.

Almost all of my adventures above began when l moved to New York in 2006 to pursue a Master in Fine Arts at Parsons’ Design and Technology Program were I learned how to (happily) tinker with technologies I have no idea about and occasionally hack my home appliances.

Most recently I was honored as one of the #GOOD100 for 2013 by Good.is magazine for pushing the world forward in creative and inspiring ways.

I think that’s it for now. If you want to get in touch ping me @varelidi on twitter  or drop me a line at chloe [at] varelidi [dot] com